Roth IRA Basics

401K vs Roth IRA – Which Should You Invest In?

by kristine on November 3, 2011

The Roth IRA vs 401K Debate There are many factors to consider when determining whether to invest in a 401k vs a Roth IRA.  Both retirement plans have benefits to offer. If your budget allows, it is best to invest in both a 401k through your employer and a Roth IRA on your own. However, that [...]


Using a Roth IRA as Your Emergency Fund

by kristine on February 16, 2011

Should You Use a Roth IRA as Your Emergency Fund? The original purpose for Roth IRAs was to save for retirement.  They are individual retirement accounts after all.  However, the flexibility of Roth IRAs has opened them up to a whole world of possibilities that don’t exist with other retirement accounts. Flexible Rules Allow You To Use [...]


Roth IRA Benefits: No RMD, No Taxes!

by kristine on December 8, 2010

If you have a traditional IRA and you are over age 70 ½ then you are required to take a minimum distribution each year, otherwise called an RMD.  The sole purpose of the RMD is to generate tax revenue.  At some point the IRS realized that some people did not need the money in their [...]